Olja Ryzevski's work and persona has been influenced by an array of distinct cultures due to her russian-german roots. She was born in Siberia, but spent part of her childhood in Crimea on the Black Sea and the other part in south of Germany. 

After graduating from high school she studied a degree in Economics in the south of Germany. Worked in different companies throughout Switzerland and Germany. Nevertheless, decided to move to Berlin the more contemporary part of Germany to study a second degree in Photography at the renowned Berliner Technischer Kunsthochschule.

Olja Ryzevski specializes in fashion and portrait photography. Her photos have a strong minimalistic approach, with a clean and natural feel to them. She has an attention for design, loves traveling and a strong interest in lifestyle photography. During her studies, she attended several photography workshops in Vietnam, New York and Berlin. She is now back in Germany continuing with her Photography studies after finishing an exchange semester in Seoul, South Korea and traveling around Thailand and Indonesia.